I am a visual artist ,Bezalel BFA graduate (2009). Living and working in Tel Aviv. 

In recent years I focus on drawing, paintings and installation, testing the boundaries between the disciplines. Drawing is the foundation on which I start my work. I use the drawing as an act of translation, translating gestures from one drawing to another and to other mediums such as painting, woodcut, murals and installations. I work with various materials (pencils, felt tipped pen, oil, acrylic and alcohol based colors, spray paint etc).

From repetitive drawing I form a distinct visual writing system of idiosyncratic semiosis.
I combine abstract elements with figurative, narrative or symbolic ones.
The representation in abstract tools allows me to overcome the boundaries of linear language and the weight it carries, exploring the means and ways to describe a simple moment, a minor situation, to communicate what can not be said in words.

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